Rewards Structure

Staking Rewards

Staking rewards are obtainable when staking KLAY in secures nodes registered as GC validators on the Klaytn mainnet, operates KLAY with the optimal strategy and creates block rewards. The block rewards obtained in this way are distributed in the ratio stated below.

  • Staking rewards 80%

  • GC validators 10%

  • Protocol treasury 10%

The staking reward is distributed equivalent to the amount of stKLAY held by the user. The amount of stKLAY held by users can be converted into a ratio of the total amount of stKLAY in the protocol. The staking rewards are divided according to the proportion, and the number of stKLAYs automatically increases.

Unstaking stKLAY allows you to exchange KLAY at a 1:1 ratio, which takes seven days to process.

Governance Rewards

As a reward to users who have staked KLY, a portion of 10% of the protocol treasury is allocated as a governance reward. Governance compensation is paid in KLAY immediately when you request 'Receive Compensation' in the service's 'My Assets' > 'Governance Rewards' tap on the menu.

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