Protocol structure

Participating Members


  • Refers to users or corporate customers who have staked tokens (KLAY, KLY, etc.) that support trading on

  • Stakers receive 80% of the rewards generated by the protocol as staking rewards

GC Validators

  • Validators are the entity that provides blockchain nodes to and receives 10% of the rewards generated by the protocol.

DAO Governance participants

  • Refers to users who hold KLY, the governance token of

  • Participate in the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and become a member of Governance, exercising decision-making power in determining the overall operation of the protocol.

Token Information


  • stKLAY is a liquid stake token provided when KLAY is staked, and the exchange rate with KLAY is 1:1.

  • If you use stKLAY for additional money Lego activities such as depositing a pair, you can generate additional earnings.


  • KLY is a governance token of and the total issuance is limited to 100 million.

  • Users holding KLY can exercise their decision-making rights by participating in the governance of Stakely through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).


  • Token given when KLY is staked and exchanged 1:1 with KLY.

  • KLY stakers receive a portion of the total protocol rewards as governance rewards.

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