Protocol Introduction is a liquid staking service in the Klaytn ecosystem.

Any KLAY holders can safely and conveniently acquire staking rewards. It is also possible to generate additional rewards utilizing stKLAY, a liquidity staking token issued in response to the entrusted token, with other DeFi services.

Vision of

No.1 Staking Service in Klaytn

The team expects 100 million KLAY rewards generated yearly to be distributed to more individual holders. From this point of view, we inform users that there's a way to maximize profit by staking KLAY and provide a solution to use the staking service more conveniently.'s vision to become the No.1 staking service is as follows.

Reliable protocol

The reliability of the staking service is determined by: whether the optimal reward is stably generated, the service reliability is excellent and the growth is toward a sustainable direction. The team that launched the protocol provides a sustainable contract, not only stability and reward optimization, with the understanding and knowledge based on our learnings from the staking service we have provided for enterprise clients.

Easy-to-use and rewarding experience aims to lower the barriers to accessing the service so that more individual KLAY holders can experience the staking rewards. In addition, it provides an intuitive and concise UI so that users who are new to the staking service can use the service without difficulty. Users who have staked their assets in can conveniently acquire optimal staking rewards without tracking changes in compensation conditions or other market changes caused by changes in Klaytn policy.

Sustainably growing protocol

The growth of has two directions. First, it is expanding the use of stKLAY. We plan to gradually increase the use of stKLAY through collaboration with various DeFi services and expand to multi-chain. The second is continuously enhancing the value of KLY, a governance token of We have a solid roadmap for increasing the value of KLY and actively growing the holding value of KLY by allocating a portion of the protocol revenue as buyback & burn resources.

Contribution to the development of the Klaytn ecosystem

If users stack money Lego with stKLAY, they can expect a more profitable reward rate because of the additional leveraged position they can take while obtaining a staking reward. stKlay holders can experience maximized rewards from other DeFi services in Klaytn, starting with the staking service. In addition, when more KLAY is staked through, the Klaytn mainnet can be more sustainable and strengthened. It leads to a reduced circulating quantity of KLAY, which can positively affect the KLAY price.

Introduction of DAO

We aim for the protocol's completely decentralized future, such as setting the direction of operation of the treasury and adjusting the governance reward rate are discussed and decided in the DAO. Ultimately, team plans to move toward a structure in which users with various experiences gather to form a new type of organization and directly operate the protocol.

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